Saturday, September 21, 2013

First week at the MTC. :)

Hey you guys!!!

Okay so the MTC is amazing!! It's a lot of work. we hardly ever have time to do much free time. We're always studying or practicing with investigators or planning lessons. This week was a pretty hard yet fun experience. So my district and I have all gotten really close. They're pretty awesome people and all have their own sense of humor haha! Hermana Berriman who is my companion have gotten pretty close. It feels so weird not having my companion by my side. Okay so back to this week, Hna Berriman and I had the chance to teach our first lesson with Jose (Hno Sanchez my teacher). It went very well but we really need to work on getting to know the person a little bit more at the beginning. Our second lesson was with Adrian (Hno Bell 2nd teacher). His was a little bit difficult because he's atheist but his whole family are members. Well lets just say we kinda got kicked out haha but mainly cause we had little time. Later that day we had our first TRC but nobody told us anything about it. TRC is a chance to teach either a real investigator or somebody who volunteers. Anyways so we're lead to this room and the elder that lead us there didn't tell us anything so we just walk in and say hi to the investigator but he kicks us out because we just walked into his "house" and so we're all standing outside trying to have him let us in but he wont budge. He said he was a catholic and didn't have any interest in any other religion. Well he finally let us in after 5mins later. he told us we didn't have a lot of time so to just get on with our message. Well we tried but it didn't work out so good. We all kept bringing up different topics and didn't really exactly work together or try to listen to the spirit. I seriously felt like just crying along with all the other sisters in my district. Hna Berriman shared an experience with him about her life that related to his wife so we were able to catch his attention on that about blessings so we're gonna be able to visit with him again wednesday so tomorrow. It was pretty hard afterwards my district and i all gathered around and listed what we all did wrong and what we could all improve on together. Well on the bright side Hna Berriman and I had a chance to teach Elder Rios & Alonso during Zone teaching and to say it was quite interesting haha! On sunday we had a devotional by Ron Tanner one of the directors of 17 Miracles and Ephraims Rescue! we got to see a little clip of Ephraims Rescue but he left it at a CLIFFHANGER!!! Ugh so now I have to wait a whole year and a half to see it! haha I definitely advice you guys to see it ;) after this devotional we had the chance to see a recorded devotional by David R. Bednar. called the Characteristic of Christ. That was a very heart changing devotional. It really had me thinking. so this week my goal is to see everybody the way Christ would see them and what great things they could do for the church. I'm also planning on studying more about the Priesthood because I just realized I don't really know as much as  I thought I did. OOh also the room Hna Berriman and I use has one way mirrors haha so we get to spy on people the other side meaning our district Haha! Anyways I love you all and here are a few pictures!! Also I had the chance to go to the temple today It was amazing! Love you all!

Hermana Valenzuela

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