Friday, August 8, 2014

One hot blazing winter week!

Well not much to say honestly about this week. My compa and i worked really hard to find new this past week and 9 told us would go to church, but when at last sunday came, we were only able to get one to church, but she is excited to be baptized and well on the 16th if all goes well.
These past few days have beenHOT!!!! Supposedly it's winter time right now haha, don't know how i'll survive summer when it comes this year if i can barely support this tiny bit. In other news its suppose to rain today or tomorrow, we have consejo tomorrow with Pte Franco. I also convinced my zone leader to bring food for District meeting and ice cream for my compa and I. Wasn't easy but i feel like i've succeed or at least improved on convincing people in some things.
Sorry everyone don't really have much to say for this past week, but thank you for your emails. love you all and stay out of trouble ;) hehe!
Hna Valenzuela

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